Summer Tips For Your Smartphone

April and May are considered to be the hottest months in India. Mercury has started rising. In some parts of India it has reached above 40 ° C. Your smartphone is also feeling the heat with you.

Lets understand why rising temperature is affecting your mobile phone. All mobile phone these days are made of lithium ion or lithium polymer batteries. Of these two types of batteries  Lithium-ion batteries are not very friendly to a rise in temperature and can adversely harm your phone or your battery in case of high temperature . In lithium ion batteries a phenomenon called  thermal runaway takes place. Due to this excess heat produce more heat causing the device to over heat.. Battery performance is usually specified from +20° C to +30° C. Operating the phone above these temperatures can substantially affect he performance of the smartphone.

Effects of high temperature on Cell Phones

When the temperature rise is quite high a lot of bad things can happen with your smartphones battery, such as

  • The active chemicals expand causing the smartphone’s battery to swell.
  • The mechanical distortion in the cell components of your smartphone’s battery may result in short circuit.
  • Prolonged operation at high heat/temperature can even cause cracking in plastic parts of the Smartphone’s body.
  • Pressure builds up inside the cell.
  • The battery might eventually explode.
  • Toxic/inflammable chemicals may be released from the battery.

So now we know what happens to our mobile in heat. Lets look at possible ways to avoid exposing phones to high temperature.

Tips For Summer Months

  • Avoid exposing your smartphone for a long duration to heat sources such as direct scorching sunlight
  • Leaving your phone in a hot car
  • Using your phone near a cooking place where there is lot of heat
  • Even using your phone near machines exhaling lots of heat in a factory