Xperia M2

iphone-6-plusThe Sony Xperia M2 was released in May 2014, and it is a great all-purpose smartphone. This phone may not be as fancy as some of the newer Sony models, but it offers a 4.8-inch TFT capacitive touchscreen display with an 8-MP primary camera and 8 GB of internal storage.

People love the fact about the Sony Xperia M2 that it fits comfortably in the pocket and has a touchscreen display. Like any smartphone, however, this model is prone to screen damage, especially if you do not handle it carefully.

If your Sony Xperia M2 does develop scratches, cracks, or stains on the screen, you do not necessarily need to panic – just give Cell Phone Repair (CPR) a try. At CPR, our knowledgeable and experienced technicians have the skills and equipment needed to handle even the most delicate repairs. Simply put, we will have your Sony Xperia M2 up and running like new in no time.

We offer six months warranty on parts and labour.

Common Issues
• Screen Replacement
• Speaker Replacement & Repair
• USB Port Replacement & Repair
• Water Damaged Phone Repair
• Power Button Replacement & Repair
• Home Button Replacement & Repair

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