iPad 4

Have you dropped or smashed your big screen Ipad 4? We at CPR offer a wide range of Ipad services which are fast and reliable. We can replace your Ipad 4 digitizer within two hours and get your Ipad back in smooth working condition like new with six months warranty.

Not only this but we offer many more repairs such as software issues, speaker problems, water damage cleaning with special ultrasonic machine which cleans all the oxidized carbons on the logic board and increases the life of Ipad.

Having dent on casing want to get it replaced, we can replace that too.

Visit atleast once to enjoy our service.

We facilitate device picking from your door for nearby located customer or can courier your device to any CPR store.

Common Issues
• Screen Replacement
• Speaker Replacement & Repair
• USB Port Replacement & Repair
• Water Damaged Phone Repair
• Power Button Replacement & Repair
• Home Button Replacement & Repair
We can fix your
Same Day Repairs
• Drop It Off or Mail It In – You Decide
• Only High-Quality Parts
• Specially Trained Staff
• Repair Estimates
• Buy / Sell / Trade Your Current Device
• Pick up – drop facility for door step service convenience