Sony PlayStations

PlayStation 3/PlayStation Slim/ PlayStaion 4
Sony debuted the PlayStation 3, PS3 for short, in November of 2006 with two different storage options. One had 20GB of storage while the other had 60GB. In 2009 Sony came out with the PS3 Slim with storage capacity options of 120GB and 250GB.
The most common faults which occur in this device are “yellow light of death”, “red light of death”, “disc drive issues”, “and hard drive failure” and much more. CPR is the one point solution for all problems. We also offer six months warranty on parts which we put in your device also on our labour which follows some terms and conditions.
Yellow Light of Death: Does your PS3 suffer from “yellow light of death” error? YLOD occurs due to overheating of GPU. Due to excess heating the solder of GPU on motherboard gets dislocated which results error YLOD when turning ON PS3. Stop by Cell Phone Repair today and let our experienced technicians repair your PS3 and get it fully operational as quickly as possible!

Red Light of Death: When you turn ON your PS3 it flashes red light and no picture comes on, it remains blank. Over time, the re-hating of the board through general use can affect the device performance. Through our experienced technique, we can make it work properly.

BlueRay Drive Repair: Is your PS3 making trouble with discs? Is it not ejecting, not reading the discs or finding any error? Bring it to us, our professional technicians will diagnose the issue and will provide the required service, so that not halt comes in your playing games.

Firmware Flash: PS3s sometimes have firmware (Operating System) related problems. Such problems while shutdown in the middle of software update, reloading older versions of OS, improper flashing or physical damage to the device cause issues with the firmware. We fix firmware related issues.

PlayStation Portable (PSP)

The PSP was Sony’s first handheld game console and was released in Japan in December of 2004 and in North America in March of 2005. The PSP is the only handheld console to use an optical disc format which is called the Universal Media Disc or UMD. Sony has created a few newer models of the PSP, the PSP Slim and Lite, and a completely remodeled PSP called the PSP Go.

PSP lets you access games, videos, music, and photos at any time and share them with friends. A stylish device, that offers great value gaming on the go.

Do you need any kind of repair service for your PSP? CPR is the place where you will get fast, reliable service. PSP screens are very prone to cracking and thankfully CPR replaces its screen with six months warranty. Not only screen but we solve other issues related to your PSP.
Need tech for your PSP, stop in today to find out about our PSP repair service.